Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 1-9

1. One who ridicules -- his livelihood is diminished.

2. The speech (terminology) of the sages brings wealth.

3. Wealth does not endure, on account of not having mercy on people.

4. One who stands in a test of sexual immorality will merit to great wealth amidst his enemies.

5. Great is work, being that G-d warned about it, that a person should do some type of work.

6. [People weak] such as ourselves, should borrow in order to eat.

7. One who wants to become wealthy should deal in small animals (t.n. Like sheep and goats) in a remote location.

8. [The amount a person spends on] eating and drinking should be below his means, and he should dress and cover himself according to his means, and he should honor his wife and children beyond his means.

9. Poverty in a man's house is harder than fifty plagues (- like those of Egypt).

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