Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 74-83

74. Sometimes the death of karet (dying early due to certain sins) is replaced with poverty.

75. A poor person is confused like a drunkard.

76. Through overcharging (t.n. According to a possible root of this dictum, this word can be translated as verbal abuse), one becomes impoverished.

77. One who conducts his affairs in haste, with an unsettled mind, falls into debt.

78. One who curtails the livelihood of another is as if he murdered him.

79. A man should always hold fast to the estate of his forefathers, and not sell or exchange them.

80. One who desires money, he falls from his level.

81. Through apostasy comes poverty.

82. One who is poor should strive to provide food to those who beseech G-d.

83. Faith is good for livelihood.

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