Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 20-26

20. A man's livelihood is paramount to the splitting of the Red Sea, and more than the Redemption, and twice as difficult as childbirth.

21. Whence a person is appointed as a parnas (president to manage the welfare) of a group, he becomes wealthy.

22. The Incense burned in the Temple makes (the officiating priest) wealthy.

23. A person should not worry saying, so-and-so curtailed my livelihood. For against their will seat you in your (rightful) place and call you by your (rightful) name.

24. On account of four things, the possessions of householders fall into continuous reduction: For delaying the payment of employees, for fully denying employees their salary, and for casting off responsibility from their necks and placing it on their fellows, and for arrogance.

25. Changing one's place and name are beneficial for making a livelihood.

26. The rain is only withheld due to not giving terumos (portion for priests) and tithes, people who speak lushon hura (bad talk/slander), haughty people, annulling study of the Torah, and the sin of stealing.

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