Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 10-19

10. All the knowledge one gains in the laws of the Torah, whether dealing with the commandments relating to one's fellow man, or those between man and his Creator -- the knowledge itself is a success for the soul.

11. A book written with ink made from olive oil is conducive (segula) to learning.

12. Awe of a Torah scholar is a segula (conducive) to learning.

13. One who engages in Torah at night, the Divine Presence is before him.

14. What should a man to do gain wisdom? He should increase in learning (yeshiva – lit. sitting), minimize business, and ask for mercy. Because any one of these without the other is not enough.

15. Speaking in a loud voice brings feeling and movement to all the limbs.

16. One who learns in a loud voice lives long, and he retains what he learned (- his learning is upheld in his hand).

17. One without arrogance, he retains his learning (- his learning is upheld in his hand).

18. Also, one who teaches others.

19. Hearing directly from the sage is more beneficial.

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