Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 50-59

50. One who learns but does not review is comparable to one who sows but doesn't harvest.

51. One who reviews his learning -- the Torah requests from G-d to reveal to him the taamei Torah (lit. the taste or cantillation or reasoning, with an inference to the esoteric) and its secrets.

52. One who does not have established times for learning comes to promiscuous thoughts.

53. One who does not review his learning has difficulty raising children.

54. One who learns Torah for its own sake creates peace in the pamalia (– gathering of the wise, often translated as tribunal) Above and Below, and protects the whole world, and is as if he built the Upper and Lower Palace, and hastens the Redemption.

55. One who teaches his friend's son Torah, is considered as if he created him, and as if he created the words of Torah, and as if he created himself.

56. One who blackens his face for the words of Torah in this world, G-d will make his face radiant in the World to Come.

57. One who goes hungry for the sake of learning Torah, G-d will satiate him in the World to Come.

58. One who reads books of apostates is considered an apostate (lit. is called an 'apikorus').

59. One who reads a scriptural verse in its time brings good to the world.

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