Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 1-9


1. One who gives delight to his father and cheers him, through this he will have desire and love for learning.

2. When you want to give life to something through reciting words of your Torah, do not expound on negative subjects. Rather, expound on verses and subjects that deal with the good.

3. When a man recites novel Torah teachings, through this he gives joy to the Blessed G-d.

4. When a wicked person says Torah [t.n. This probably means his own exposition], know that he causes to stumble (t.n. This is an inference even to sin) those who listen to his teaching.

5. One who causes his friend to desist from his learning, it is certain that he has deviated from the Way of G-d.

6. Torah learning, even while half a sleep, is good.

7. Through accepting suffering with love, one does not forget his learning.

8. All the Torah that a person tried to learn in this world, and was prevented from understanding the full true intent of the learning, he will merit to understand it properly (/truthfully) in the World to Come.

9. Through rising for a Torah scholar, one merits to Torah.

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