Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 70-79

70. It is necessary to pray that one will merit to have upright students.

71. Through expounding on the Torah in a positive light, one can bring salvation.

72. Through an expansive heart, one can understand one thing from another.

73. One who has no desire to learn Torah should not speak about anyone any bad word.

74. Do not learn, except by someone who is Heaven fearing.

75. Through Torah, you will merit peace.

76. When you say Torah (- ideas developed from the Torah) according to your level, and not beyond it, through this G-d will honor your commands.

77. Due to blasphemy, a person does not have desire to learn.

78. Through giving charity for the sake of the Divine Presence, one merits to Torah for the sake of the Divine Presence.

79. Through getting up at midnight, one merits to understand the Torah and explicate it.

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