Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 10-19

10. A man's wife does not die unless others ask him for money and he does not have it.

11. The power that the non-Jewish nations have to steal from Israel comes from their studying the Scriptures.

12. Wine brings poverty.

13. A man who has cognizance, in the end becomes wealthy.

14. One who steals from his fellow-man, through this they make him impure with the impurity of subconscious emission.

15. When some new understanding comes to a man, it is certain that great wealth is attached to its heel.

16. Money of a Jew that falls into the hands of a gentile, immediately becomes permissible (i.e. another Jew can salvage the money for himself).

17. One whose sons and daughters are enduring famine, through this he is spared from the judgment of burning that is one of the four death-sentences of the religious courts.

18. One who disregards the safeguards the Rabbis established to protect the Torah becomes poor.

19. One who overcomes his lust of eating, merits to a nice abode.

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