Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 30-39

30. Through understanding, one merits to repentance.

31. It is forbidden to teach a wicked man a wondrous matter.

32. A great man can learn from the wicked, but a simple (lit. small) man can not.

33. Regularity of learning rises above the keeping of all the commandments.

34. One who is without a wife languishes (lit. is soaked/permeated) without Torah (/good).

35. One who learns by himself cannot compare to one who learns from a rabbi.

36. It is not pleasing to the Holy One, Blessed is He, when the Jewish people are judged unfavorably.

37. One who loves a Torah scholar, he and his seed will remain steadfast in Torah.

38. A person should learn even if it is without understanding.

39. It is very beneficial to see the mouth of the rabbi during the learning.

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