Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book two 16-21

16. One who lends on interest cannot find anyone to judge him favorably.

17. One who guards himself from transgressing the command not to envy, through this he is saved from anger, arrogance, and lack of faith that comes in the wake of anger and arrogance.

18. Through faithful business conduct, curses are annulled.

19. One who needs to borrow from others, he is comparable to an animal.

20. Someone who is a middleman, when he wants to intercede, in order that an important man will buy an item from a common man, and he sees that his words are not being accepted by the common man - to sell the item to the important man, in that case the broker should pray that his words have effect on the common man, and he will sell to the important man.

21. One who controls his evil inclination, his children will not become delinquent (/involved with bad society or culture). Through this his money will be blessed, and through this he will not come to be tested.

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