Thursday, November 8, 2012



1. Due to fear, a woman miscarries.

2. A segula (conducive) for one who miscarriages with stillborns, is that she should carry with her a magnet. Also, she should carry with her a piece of wood from the grave of a tzaddik. Also, she should give charity.

3. A woman who is prone to miscarry should carry with her dew-water.

4. A segulah (conducive) for one who miscarries, is that she should sell her fetus.

5. On account of the sin of needless hatred, a woman miscarries stillborns.

6. Through her lust for food and drink, she miscarries.


1. A woman who miscarries stillborns should not go with golden jewelry.

2. The grinding of flour and kneading of the matzah of Passover is a segulah (conducive) that miscarries with stillborns.

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