Wednesday, November 7, 2012

זכירה MEMORY:

1. One who embarrasses his friend becomes forgetful.

2. Through worry comes forgetfulness.

3. Through learning aloud one comes memory.

4. Through suffering one comes to forgetfulness.

5. By picturing before you the image of your father and mother, you will come to memory.

6. Through carrying out practical commandments, one is released from the measure of forgetfulness and is connected to the quality of memory.

7. Through promiscuity, one destroys the memory.

8. Through falsehood comes forgetfulness.

9. Someone without memory should bring people back in repentance.

10. Someone without memory, it is certain that he has not repaired the sins of his youth.

11. A forgetful person should give charity.

12. Someone without memory should sanctify himself with great holiness.

13. Through lowliness, you will merit to memory.

14. Through sadness comes forgetfulness.

15. One who keeps his learning hidden does not forget.

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