Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 20 -29

20. Learning Torah is greater than offerings of the Tamid (sacrifice brought twice daily in the Temple).

21. One who says, "This Torah saying is pleasant, and that one is not" loses the wealth of the Torah.

22. Relearning something forgotten is harder than learning something new.

23. One who forgets one detail from his learning causes the exile of his children, and he is brought down from his greatness.

24. A Torah scholar whose inner being does not match up to his outward appearance is called an abomination.

25. A Torah scholar -- the citizens of his city are obligated to do his work.

26. Due to annulling Torah study, G-d is made, so to speak, poor (i.e. put in a position where He is unwilling to help).

27. Torah study is greater than saving lives, and building the Temple, and honoring one's parents.

28. Through holiness one merits to understanding.

29. There are three over whom the Holy One, Blessed is He, cries every day, and one of them is a person who could engage in Torah and does not.

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