Tuesday, November 6, 2012

לימוד learning 80-89

80. One who interrupted his Torah study for trivial matters, his rectification is to get up at midnight.

81. One who hates falsehood as he would an abomination, he will have passion to learn.

82. A book that a wicked person learned from, do not learn from it, for the letters of the book will make you wicked.

83. When you hear Torah or moral instruction from someone, and in you heart you gain no respect for him, it is certain that he is a fool.

84. Torah (learning) for which you incur expenses, through this it will not be forgotten from you.

85. One who chases after the desires of his heart, through this you will find him alluded to in all the passages of the Torah – disparagingly.

86. One who separates himself from the Torah connects to the Satan.

87. Two Torah scholars who honor each other in legal study for the sake of the Divine Presence, and in humility, G-d grants them success, and they rise to greatness, and merit to the Torah that was given by G-d's right hand, and merit to things given through the right hand of the Torah.

88. A Torah scholar who avenges and is spiteful like a snake -- cling to him, for in the end you will benefit from his learning.

89. It is forbidden to learn from one who is drawn to idol-worship, and one who learns from him is liable to the death penalty.

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