Thursday, November 8, 2012

מוהל MOHEL (One Who Performs a Circumcision):

1. One must seek out a mohel who is a tzaddik and Heaven fearing. For when the mohel is not good, it is possible that the child he circumcises will be unable to sire, G-d forbid. Also, when the mohel is not good, through this the child can come, G-d forbid, to falling sickness (epilepsy).

2. A woman who is unable to conceive should gaze upon the circumcision knife immediately following the circumcision.

3. The mohel gives the circumcised child understanding in the learning of the Torah.

4. The commandment of circumcision has the power that resides in the clothes of the Cohen Gadol (High Priest).

5. One who is born circumcised, it is certain that his power of imagination is good and proper.

6. One who does acts of kindness, the name that he bestows will endure. For this reason, before naming a child, one should do kindness, and through this the child's name will endure.

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