Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book two 22-27

22. Traveling (lit. thoroughfares) brings a person to lushon hura (evil speech), idol worship, promiscuity, and spilling blood (i.e. murder), and these sins detract one's livelihood.

23. Through the money one gives to the poor of the Land of Israel, through this one's money is preserved in his keeping.

24. Fires (lit. burning) come to the world on account of money used for idol worship, to destroy it.

25. When a new king or a new minister arises, livelihood is renewed and undergoes change.

26. One who has dealings and business with non-Jews at the time of their festivals, or even not at the time of their festivals – but his revenue is from supplying things for their idolatry, through this his wife has bleeding shortly after her ritual immersion.

27. One who makes a separation between a man and his wife -- that is, he goes to the man and praises his wife to him, but goes to the wife and defames the husband in her eyes, until a separation is created between them -- he becomes troubled (-preoccupied, overtaken) by his expenses (for food or sustenance).

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