Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 64-73

64. Modesty is conducive (segula) for wealth.

65. From the time that stingy people began to proliferate, there was a proliferation of those curtail the income of others.

66. The sustenance of a person is diminished when he does not judge others with the benefit of the doubt.

67. Also, when he mixes water with his drinks (t.n. This is probably referring to someone who is selling diluted drinks – as this is what is discussed in the Talmud).

68. Also, when a person listens to the advice of a tempter.

69. Also, when one commits a sin in order to anger (G-d), he becomes poor, and the world does not believe him that he is poor.

70. One who deals with impure names and witchcraft becomes poor.

71. When the sickness of weakening of the flesh, which is called Dar, comes upon one of the members of one's household, it is an omen of poverty.

72. When some shame comes upon a person, it is an omen of poverty.

73. One who despises money, he is taught from Above the way he should go.

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