Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 1- 10


1. Fasting helps for everything.

2. One who is bereft of any good deeds cannot separate others from their evil.

3. A fast is stronger than a sword.

4. It is fitting that repentance should be done through the very same matter (wherein one sinned).

5. When a person thinks, 'I will do such and such; such and such I will attain', through this his thought is not fulfilled.

6. Exile atones for everything.

7. One who is humble, it is as if he offered all the sacrifices.

8. Anyone who confesses has a portion in the World to Come.

9. One who teaches his friend's son Torah is as if he created him, and as if he made the words of Torah, and as if he made himself.

10. Rav (Rabbi) Papa fasted for having referred to a Torah scholar in a disparaging fashion.

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