Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 46-55

46. One who wants to repent should take precation of being in debt.

47. One who loves the tzaddikim is able to bring people back in repentance.

48. One who confesses, the Holy One – Blessed is He - loves him with a munificent love, and withdraws His anger from him.

49. The nations are close to repentance.

50. Learning the Torah atones.

51. One who is on a high level can reach his perfection with a minimum of actions.

52. When some suffering comes upon you, examine your deeds.

53. One who wants to do good deeds but is prevented with impediments, the Holy One – Blessed He- rewards him as if he had done them. But one who does not do as much as he could, he receives punishment for this.

54. One who causes the people to gain merit becomes a partner with G-d in the Creation of the World.

55. There is no comparison between a mitzva (commandment/good deed) one does for himself alone, even if it be great, to a mitzva which will bring merit to the people, even if it be small.

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