Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 80-87

80. Due to falsehoods, a person cannot improve his behavior.

81. One who cannot annul his evil inclination through drawing it to the hall of study should know that he is still in a state of wickedness.

82. The Holy One – Blessed is He- desires the mitzvos in which a person also does the will of people, more than those mitzvos which are matters between man and his Creator.

83. It is better for a person to fulfill the mitzva however much possible, than to abandon it altogether.

84. Repairing the body comes before repairing the soul.

85. One who cries and mourns over a kosher man is forgiven for all his sins.

86. It is a mitzva to cause people to repent (alternate text: to warn people) regarding every sin. If you fear that they will not listen to you, say your words in the name of a different tzaddik, so that they will listen to you.

87. All who say Vayechulu (Book of Bereshit, Verse 2:1-3, which is customarily said as part of the prayers on the Shabbat night) with intention, and pray with intention, the Ministering Angels ask G-d to forgive them.

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