Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 28-35

28. The first thoughts helps a person through the execution and finishing of the project, that it should be carried out in holiness. However, if he did not think in holiness at the beginning, then mishaps will arise in the middle and at the end.

29. A table to which guests are invited atones.

30. Greatness atones.

31. Sometimes when a person starts to repent, sufferings come upon him. This is because he delayed repenting.

32. Through the sigh that that is sighed, one becomes a new being.

33. Through having love for the tzaddikim, the tzaddikim are able to bring the people back in repentance.

34. One who brings back the people in repentance, in his merit there is no fear and contention in the world.

35. One who helps orphans, subdues (lit. breaks) the power of the nations through this, and through their being subdued (lit. broken), the wicked [of the] Jews return in repentance.

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