Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 73-79

73. The service with which a man serves G-d in his youth, every day (of service) -- its value is much greater than many years of serving G-d in his old age.

74. It is impossible for a man to know in his lifetime, if his repentance was accepted.

75. That which we see, that someone who begins to serve G-d, suffering comes upon him, this is because he began with fear of justice (t.n. See Likutay Moharan 87, fear of punishment as opposed to fear of awe – the aspect of truth and faith – even still this is the proper and correct procedure).

76. One who starts to serve G-d, the Holy One – Blessed is He- says to him, "I know that your longing and desire is to serve Me. But what assurance do I have that tomorrow you will not leave me? So how can I draw you close for the wish you desire, and how can I reveal to you hidden things right away? Rather do the following: In the beginning, love Me this way and do my commandments, even though you do not know the reason (lit. intellect) of the mitzva, and serve Me simply without sophistication. When you serve Me this way for a long time (lit. many times), I will believe you, and reveal to you the reason and the intellect of every matter, and I will draw you close with every form of bonding. For the long period that you served Me beforehand, is assurance that you will not desert Me."

77. Through this a person can know if he truly wants to serve [G-d] - when he has no interest in his own renown.

78. One who does not know the Way of G-d should belittle himself.

79. Through prayer that is expressed intensely (t.n. Raised voice and uplifted eyes - Zohar), G-d will forgive you.

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