Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 56-64

56. The demand to earn a living, and enemies, and disease, and overabundant wealth prevent a man from reaching perfection and the ultimate purpose.

57. When you do some damage, it is a sign that the evil inclination dominates over you.

58. One who tempts his fellowman away from the good path, fire (lit. burning) comes upon him.

59. One who is unable to cry, the segula (propitious) for this is – he should sit in a place where two rivers pour out together.

60. One who returns people back in repentance merits wisdom.

61. Through laziness, it appears to a person that the way of repentance is hidden from him.

62. One who reveals his secrets, it becomes hard for the thing (he revealed) to endure (- or be fulfilled).

63. One who is ashamed of his sins, the Holy One – Blessed is He- deals with him charitably.

64. A fast that is without cognizance is not considered a fast.

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