Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 88-93

88. One who answers Amen Yehey Shmey Rabah (t.n. This is a response in the Kadish, where the chazon, leader of the service, says, The great name of G-d should be aggrandized and sanctified, in the world that He created as He willed, and His monarchy should be established.... To this proclamation everyone respond: Amen, The great Name should be (greatly) blessed forever and ever) with all his might -- even if he has a smudge of idol worship, he is forgiven.

89. The following do not see (the face/presence of) Hell: Those in extreme poverty, and those with stomach illness, and someone who has creditors, and (someone who has) burden (/pressure/persecution) of the sovereignty.

90. Strengthen yourself in doing mitzvos, beyond what is in your power to do.

91. Monetary loss atones for one's body.

92. Thirst is a rectification for unnecessary speech.

93. Repentance brings healing to the world.

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