Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book two 1-7

1. The day that a person repents is beyond (lit. above) time, and it raises all the days beyond (lit. above) time, and so, Yom Kippur is beyond (lit. above) time.

2. Also through repentance, the Spirit of Messiah whisks upon the decrees of the nations (lit. kingdoms) and annuls them.

3. Also through repentance, great heat is annulled.

4. The young are easier to return to the Blessed G-d than the elderly.

5. One must force the wicked with monetary pressure so that they return in repentance.

6. Through repentance, livelihood comes easily.

7. Through the exceptionally brilliant (/sharp) of the generation, awe is aroused (lit. illuminated), and through the awe, the merit of the forefathers is kindled (lit. sparks or sparkles), and through the sparkling of the forefathers, repentance is aroused in the world.

10. Through observing the Shabbat, one draws on oneself the light of the Messiah, also through repentance.

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