Monday, December 10, 2012

ישועה SALVATION: 1-10

1. A miracle is only done for someone who has self-sacrifice to sanctify the name of G-d.

2. One who is joyous amidst suffering brings salvation.

3. Through hisbodidus (speaking to G-d in isolation) comes salvation.

4. Through one's passing a test, a miracle is done for him.

5. Through charity comes salvation.

6. Through the modesty of a man, he receives in return, all the good that was taken from him by another through the other's prayers.

7. A miracle is not done for one who is promiscuous.

8. Do not depend on a miracle, as long as it is possible to be saved through money or other means.

9. Before the Holy One -Blessed is He- does a miracle for a man, the man falls into evil. completely according to the magnitude of the miracle.

10. One who does not mention names of foreign deities, the Holy One -Blessed is He- does him favors.

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