Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 65-72

65. From the moment a person thinks of repenting, his prayers are accepted, even if he has not yet actually repented.

66. When you want to repent, ask the Tzaddik to bring you before the Blessed G-d.

67. Through kindness and truth, sins are forgiven.

68. Through your asking G-d to give you love, G-d covers over your sins.

69. One who confesses his sins will merit that he will not have to sell from the inheritance (/estates) of his forefathers.

70. When you chastise those who have not corrected the sins of their youth, include yourself with them, and through this they will accept from you.

71. The main rectification for the blemish from one's sins is through submission.

72. A person should rebuke himself every morning.

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