Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ישועה SALVATION: 11-20

11. One who needs a salvation should give happiness to the Tzaddik.

12. Through trust, a man is saved (/ejected) from his troubles.

13. Through charity you will merit that you will not need salvation of man (i.e. through other people).

14. Through trust you will merit to understand that your salvation is from G-d, and not from man.

15. Also through truth you will merit this.

16. When a person comes to a test, he should know that if he stands in it (i.e. not succumb to temptation), the Holy One, Blessed is He- will do a miracle for him.

17. Through trust, one merits to rejoice in the kindness of the Blessed G-d.

18. Through learning in a standing position, one annuls the scheming of the nations.

19. Through a fast, a man is saved from death.

20. Through having trust, kindness will be met out to you.

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