Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 11-20

11. A person should guard his mouth from saying, "I will do such and such a sin", even mockingly, for his words force him to do the action.

12. Anyone who cries in the night, his cries are heard, and the stars and the constellations cry with him.

13. Those liable to kurais (lit. cut off – this is a Divine punishment of early death) who received lashes, they are absolved from kurais.

14. When suffering comes to the world, one should think it is because of his sin(s) that this suffering came.

15. The clothes that are made for the Tzaddik -- each garment has its own unique segula (power) to atone.

16. When (lit. since or because) a man marries a woman, all his sins are forgiven (literally, sealed off).

17. When one sees or hears about some suffering that befell a non-Jew, he should have thoughts of repentance.

18. One who lives in Israel fares without sin.

19. It is appropriate to lighten the conditions of repentance on the sinners.

20. Sin weakens the strength of a man.

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