Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 94-101

94. By doing repentance out of fear, one's deliberate sins become as if they were inadvertent. By repenting out of love, they become like merits.

95. Repentance brings close the Redemption, and lengthens the days and the years of a man.

96. Through repentance of an individual, he is forgiven, and the whole entire world.

97. The Holy One – Blessed is He- is pacified by confession, and (the one who confesses) is as if he built an altar and offered a sacrifice.

98. One who is resilient in how people treat him, G-d overlooks all his sins.

99. The (learning of) Torah and doing acts of kindness atone.

100. Crying out and weeping in the night has more influence in arousing mercy (t.n. Elsewhere we learn that the arousal of mercy should be undertaken only in the second half of the night).

101. A ba'al tshuvah (someone who has returned in repentance) should pray for rain, and through this all his sins are atoned.

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