Wednesday, December 5, 2012

תשובה REPENTANCE: book one 36-45

36. One who brings people back in repentance is saved from jail.

37. Also, he is honorable in G-d's eyes.

38. Also, he merits becoming famous among the nations.

39. One who's way is to constantly bring people back in repentance, in his merit foreign thoughts desist from the leaders (lit. great) of the generation.

40. One who brings back evildoers in repentance will merit to observe (lit. guard) the Shabbat.

41. Also, he will not be harmed from a snake.

42. When you teach the son of a wicked person the good way (/proper conduct), through this you will be able to annul harsh decrees.

43. Through falsehood one strengthens the hands of the wicked.

44. One who repents with all his heart, the Holy One – Blessed is He - gives him a heart to know Him.

45. Through hearing the shofar blown by an upright (lit. kosher) man, the evil inclination is broken, and repentance is aroused in the world.

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