Sunday, March 10, 2013

קרי WANTON EMISSION OF SEED (unintentional, unless otherwise stated): BOOK TWO


1. Drunkenness causes exile, also it causes releasing seed wastefully.

2. Ridicule comes through wanton emissions.

3. Speech that a person half-pronounces -- in that he does not enunciate the words clearly -- this is an aspect similar to the aspect of wanton emissions.

4. One's children die, G-d forbid, through (lit. seeing – meaning having or experiencing) wanton emissions.

5. A GREAT RECTIFICATION FOR A WANTON EMISSION G-d forbid, to say these ten chapters of Tehillim (Psalms) on the same day that it occurred to him G-d forbid, and these are them (listed here; number of the chapter with words from the beginning of the chapter):
16 “Mikhtam liduvid”,
32 “Liduvid maskil ashrei”,
41 “Ashrei maskil el dul”,
42 “”Ki-ayal taarohg”,
59 “Lamnatzayach al tashkhais”'
77 “Al Yidusun”,
90 “Tefilah liMoshe”,
105 “Hodu Ladon---oy keeroo”,
137, “Al naharos Buvel”,
150 “Hallilu Ail Bikudshoh”
Be assured, that these ten chapters are very very propitious for the rectification of this sin, and one who is careful to say them as described above, does not need to fear anymore whatsoever, for certainly it will be rectified by this, for they are a very great rectification.

(t.n. The Tikkun Klalli – General Rectification - is usually included at the end of the book).

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