Thursday, March 7, 2013

בושה SHAME: 14- 19

14. When shame comes upon a person, it is certain that he does not have the quality of trust (in G-d).

15. One who digs a pit, in the end he will be shamed (to whatever degree), and sometimes the matter causes him to become the subject of gossip among people.

16. Through having trust (in G-d), shame will not come upon him.

17. One who steals from the poor, shame comes upon him.

18. When a person cusses and embarrasses you, and he is not your enemy, carry and bear the shame, for it is certainly from Heaven that he should berate you. And by this shame, you will be hidden and concealed from the satan, who hates you and is always overbearing upon you and accusing you. Through this shame that you bear from one who is not your enemy, through this the enemy, the satan, will not overbearing on you.

19. Through adulation, you will become an object of derision amongst the (gentile) nations, and the (gentile) nations will curse you and be enraged at you.

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