Thursday, March 7, 2013

בושה SHAME: 1-6

1. One who humiliates his friend becomes mute and forgets (t.n. In the location cited the person forgot his learning).

2. It is permitted to embarrass the rabbis who lease the rabbinate for the sake of conceit, and it is appropriate to disgrace them, and to make light of their honor, and one should not stand for them, and they should not be called "Rabbi", and the prayer shawl on them is like a mule's saddle.

3. It is better to annul one's Torah study than to humiliate a Jew.

4. One who humiliates a Torah scholar, or one's friend in front of a Torah scholar, is an 'apikohrus' [apostate]. He is also called one who is brazen faced against the Torah.

5. The garment of a righteous man atones for the spilling of blood.

6. When people insult you, fast and weep.

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