Tuesday, March 5, 2013

שבת SHABBAT (the Sabbath):


1. The Torah, the tithes and the Shabbat, they give material life as well.

2. One accustomed to cursing, through this he will not have (appropriate) clothes for the Shabbat.

3. In a city where they guard themselves from going beyond the Shabbat boundary (2000 amot beyond the last houses), through this the meat is cheap.

4. Through observing the Shabbat one draws upon oneself the light of the Messiah, also through repentance.

5. Through observing the Shabbat, one is like a son who comes clean before his father, and his father fulfills his wants. Also, he decrees, and G-d enacts. Also, the principle reward for his good deeds is preserved for the World to Come, and (in the meantime) he benefits from their dividends.

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