Thursday, March 7, 2013

בושה SHAME: 20- 27

20. When someone humiliates you or laughs at you, it is certain that you humiliated his forefathers.

21. When everyone is humiliating you and causing you pain, be silent and do not leave your house (lit. from the entrance of your house).

22. When you are being humiliated, give charity.

23. Through charity, you will merit to the quality of abashment.

24. Humiliation of a king: The Holy One Blessed be He punishes even a nation that humiliates a different king of a foreign nation.

25. A sinner will be humiliated in the World to Come before his teachers (/rabbis. alternate text: forefathers).

26. One who humiliates a Torah scholar will have no healing for his wounds.

27. It is proper that when hearing from a friend a falsehood not to jump and embarrass him, rather hint to him with a motion, so that his friend will recognize that it is not so.

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