Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 2: 1-6


1. Through promiscuity, one falls into incarceration or to the sickness of feet pains. Also a student who has not achieved (the level) of instructor (- in Jewish law, and even still goes ahead) and rules, suffers this fate, also destructive spirits dominate him.

2. Through discord, one falls into sexual lust.

3. Through sexual relations on days that relations are forbidden, through this one falls into imprisonment.

4. Through sexual lust comes constipation, and from constipation comes leprosy.

5. Through favors one does for others, sexual lust is annulled, and so the opposite.

6. Guarding sexual purity (lit. the covenant) is the source of the blessings.

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