Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 1: 16 - 24

16. The licentiousness of the wife destroys the house.

17. Anyone who has immoral sex, through this their wives see in a dream impurities called murrin.

18. Anyone who marries a woman for the sake of Heaven is as if he gave birth to her.

19. Through a marriage which is not holy comes fire.

20. Anyone to whom an opportunity to sin comes, and he refrains, a miracle is done for him.

21. One who marries a woman who is not appropriate for him, is as if he plows the whole world and plants in it salt, and when G-d basks His Divine Presence, He testifies on behalf of all the Tribes, but not on behalf of him.

22. One who breaches the Covenant (that is, one who commits sexual transgressions) is as if he transgressed all the commandments.

23. Pants atone for sexual immorality.

24. Through promiscuity, the righteous fall.

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