Thursday, March 7, 2013

לשון הרע SLANDER: book 1: 9- 18

9. From slander one is saved through truth.

10. When one guards himself from slander, he will also not contemplate bad on his fellow.

11. One who does not accept slander about a Tzaddik, through this he will merit to be counted among the tzaddikim.

12. Coarseness brings a person to speak disparagingly about others.

13. Slander, one doesn't say until one comes to denying the core of faith and sinning in the Heavens and earth.

14. It is permissible to say slander about one who causes strife.

15. One who says false slander on his fellow (lit. lets out a bad reputation – based on a lie), he doesn't ever get forgiveness.

16. Through slander, one cannot receive the countenance of the Divine Presence.

17. One who says slander, and one who listens to it, it is fitting to thrown him to the dogs.

18. A rectification for slander is the recitation of the (passages describing the) incense-offering.

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