Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 1: 49-57 (end)

49. Through promiscuity, one destroys the memory.

50. Through promiscuity, sense of shame departs.

51. Through overeating, one comes to promiscuity.

52. When a man commits a sin, afterwards he is pained due to the spark (of holiness) within him. But when a man violates his sexual purity (lit. covenant), he is not pained afterwards, for the spark has already left him.

53. One who does not despoil his sexual purity (lit. covenant), through this he has memory (t.n. See above 40 and 49).

54. Promiscuous thoughts come as a result of false oaths.

55. Someone who serves as a guarantor for a wicked person becomes promiscuous.

56. One who destroys his path (t.n. Euphemism for wasting seed) through this the wallet is penniless.

57. Through sexual immorality comes murder.

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