Thursday, March 7, 2013

לשון הרע SLANDER: book 1: 1- 8

1. One who slanders, the Holy One Blessed is He says to the Official of Hell, "I am on him from above, and you are onto him from below." His remedy is to engage in Torah and humble his self opinion. Also through this he will not come to slander.

2. Through slander, one enlarges his sins to the proportion of the three sins (t.n. i.e. the three most serious categories: Idol-worship, sexual sins and murder).

3. A matter said in the presence of the person being discussed, or in the presence of three listeners, are not accounted as slander.

4. This slander, even though it should not be accepted (outright as true), it warrants suspicion.

5. One who speaks negatively about the People of Israel, in the end he will be have illness on this mouth.

6. When there is not love between the Jewish People, gossipers are made, and through gossipers, scoffers are made.

7. People who love one another, it is permitted for them to tell each other things they heard from someone else, and the one who hears is permitted to accept his words, and this does not constitute slander.

8. Through slander, a man does not have desire to learn (Torah), also he derides the Tzaddik.

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