Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 2: 12-16

12. Danger on the roads comes as a result of sexual impurity (lit. violation of the covenant). A hint for this from the Torah: "my going and resting you have encompassed (t.n. meaning - have complete knowledge and control) etc." (Tehillim 139:3) [these Hebrew words can also be translated as my seed you have scattered - thus hinting that by the scattering of one's seed, i.e. sexual impurity, one's travel will be endangered].

13. A woman who is accosted for sex, even if she did not actually have relations, the request itself leaves an impression upon her.

14. One who shuts his eyes to avoid seeing evil, through this he is saved from humiliations.

15. Through forbidden sexual relations comes murder.

16. Through sexual relations with non-Jews (lit. the nations) comes apostasy.

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