Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 1: 7-15

7. A promiscuous elderly man -- people (lit. cognizance) cannot bear him, and eventually he becomes despised in his own eyes.

8. There are seven that are like they have been excommunicated, and one of them is one that does not have a wife.

9. Sexual desire can not be distanced from a man except through distancing the vision of the eye and thought.

10. Do not enter into negotiations with your temptations, for the elaboration of the sensations of the contemplator, even directed at negation, will effect reinforcement of the desire, and his will - will be overturned on him (/towards it).

11. Through wine (comes about) most promiscuity.

12. One without a wife is not a man, and is as if he spills blood and diminished the image.

13. One who detracts from his wife's time (i.e. the time and circumstances that the Torah allows for procreation), and she suffers from this, is punished with death.

14. Sometimes, through marital matches whose partners are not suited to each other, one of them dies.

15. One who marries a wicked divorced woman, she comes to bury him.

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