Sunday, March 3, 2013

נאוף SEXUAL IMMORALITY: book 1: 29 - 35

29. One who wants to guard his sexual purity (lit. the sign of the covenant) should always say the truth, and also should do kindness to one from whom he does not expect repayment.

30. For [the rectification of] despoiling sexual purity (lit. covenant), he should pursue peace.

31. Through strife, one comes to despoiling sexual purity (lit. covenant).

32. Promiscuous thoughts come as a result of the "Breaking of the Vessel of Kindness", and according to the abundance of (fallen) sparks, so is the abundance of the promiscuous thoughts.

33. One who transgresses the prohibition against homosexual relations through this he is caught and incarcerated.

34. Mercury is conducive for masculine might (t.n. Euphemism for an erection).

35. One who has relations with his wife in a time of hatred, the children born make themselves apostates.

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