Thursday, March 7, 2013

בושה SHAME: 7-13

7. When shame comes to you, it is only that you should repent for the sins that you commit carelessly (lit. tread on with your heel).

8. Also, shame comes when you rejoice in the pain of your friend.

9. Envision the letters of "Belief" (in Hebrew, Emunah, spelled אמונה) and through this there will not come upon you any shame.

10. Someone who needs to give over a collateral to procure a loan, it is certain that these items which were pledged were contemptible in his eyes in another life.

11. When some shame comes upon a person, he should expect a salvation.

12. One who wants to be shamed (t.n. Or feel ashamed) should envision the image of his mother.

13. Through giving charity for the sake of Heaven, you will come to the trait of abashment.

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