Saturday, September 22, 2012

Distancing the Wicked



1. When a tzaddik comes to the house of a wicked person, the house is blessed, but this is only when the house is fit to receive blessing.

2. Keep far away from the wicked, so that you will not be caught up in their punishment.

3. Due to enmity, one may come to display friendliness to the wicked.

4. Sometimes, when one does a favor for a totally wicked person, it gives satisfaction to the Holy Blessed One.

5. It is forbidden to relate their praise (evildoers). However, in a case in which praising them will also result in praise for a tzaddik, it is permitted to relate a little.

6. One who judges a wicked one favorably is also called wicked.

7. Even when an evildoer does some act according to the religious law, we do not depend on him.

8. One who was a guarantor for an evildoer, falls into sexual lust, and also becomes weak.

9. An evildoer who has forgotten G-d completely, it is certain that no upright descendants will issue forth from him.

10. When an enemy of G-d fall into your hands, do not have mercy on him.

11. When you do not attach yourself to liars, that are known to you, through this you will merit to discern the hypocrites.

12. One who hates enticers (missionaries), their words will certainly have no influence (literally - stick) on him.

13. Through learning Torah, distance is created between the wicked who are drawing close.

14. One who distances himself from the wicked, the Holy Blessed One brings him a salvation.

15. The scattering of the wicked from each other is a sign of salvation.

16. Avoid living in a house in which an evildoer lived.

17. Do not speak to enticers (missionaries), even to chastise them or bring them close (to repent).

18. Associating with the wicked is damaging to the service of G-d.

19. It is appropriate and fitting for the holy servants of G-d to make a screen and shield, to the point that every afflicting and evil person will flee from it.

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