Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clothing - BOOK ONE

בגדים CLOTHES:


1. A persons clothes hint at his character traits.

2. One who goes barefoot, it is certain that he sins.

3. As a result of brazenness, one is punished through his clothes, also due to [false] oaths.

4. One who is not careful not to look at his father's nakedness, in the end his children will go naked and barefoot.

5. One who eats before the prayer is punished through his clothes.

6. Due to arrogance, one is punished through his clothes.

7. One who seduces his friend away from the right path to the wrong one, will consequently not have with what to clothe himself.

8. One who is a guarantor for a non-Jews is punished through his clothing.

9. In the future, the Holy One Blessed be He will be avenged from those who dressed in the clothing of non-Jews.

10. One who goes in torn clothing due to poverty, his rectification is (through) weeping before the Blessed L-rd.

11. All who treat clothes with disrespect will end up not benefiting from them.

12. One who makes a garment for a poor person will be saved from humiliations.

13. One who is wary not to embarrass any man merits garments.

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