Monday, September 24, 2012

Chastisement - Rebuke - BOOK ONE


1. One who chastises must give his reproof by connecting his speech to its root, and then his admonishment will be accepted.

2. An apostate (Jew), do not admonish him, for it will be of no avail.

3. Through not accepting chastisement one's home is destroyed.

4. One who chastises the world, without wisdom, through this he instigates, God forbid, great exile and pressure from the nations.

5. A person should never exclude himself from the collective (group of Jews).

6. Due to punishment [for a lack] of chastisement, G-d retracts from the good He had said (He would bring).

7. When you know that people will not accept chastisement, let them be.

8. One who is fearful of people to chastise them, in the end G-d breaks him in front of them.

9. Someone who is in a position to warn and does not warn, is also held accountable for the downfall (literally – blood) of his friend.

10. Through giving charity, one merits to receive mussar (ethical criticism).

11. One who does not accept mussar (ethical criticism) is sentenced to death.

12. Through the chastisement you give, you merit to rest in the grave without the pains of Hell, and you will merit to the Garden of Eden.

13. It is permitted to push away with both hands, one who did not accept chastisement from you.

14. As long as there is chastisement in the world, satisfaction, good, and blessing come to the world.

15. Through chastisement, judgments are sweetened, and kindness is drawn.

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