Friday, September 21, 2012




1. One who guards himself from anger, those who hate him have no dominion over him.

2. Also, he will dwell in his house, and others will not lodge in his place.

3. Through anger, one is humiliated.

4. Do not lose your temper and you will not sin.

5. Anyone who becomes angry; his wisdom and prophetic ability departs. And even if greatness has been decreed for him in Heaven, he is brought down from his greatness.

6. The Holy One Blessed be He loves one who does not become angry and one who does not harbor resentment.

7. A hot-tempered person's life is not worth living.

8. Also, all sorts of hell reign over (or afflict) him.

9. And is overcome with hemorrhoids (in the shape of figs).

10. The Divine Presence is not important to him.

11. And he forgets his learning.

12. And increases stupidity.

13. And it is certain that his sins are more than his merits.

14. Anger after eating is very damaging.

15. The anger of a woman destroys the house.

16. Through anger one's flesh becomes emaciated.

17. It is conducive for [avoiding (or possibly: calming)] anger, to eat bread in the morning.

18. One who does not complain about people will be esteemed in peoples' eyes.

19. Through falsehood comes anger.

20. One with a bad temper should make a pledge and pay it immediately. Through this the anger will be annulled from him.

21. One who gazes at the face of a liar comes to anger.

22. Through jealousy one comes to anger.

23. Through anger one incites upon oneself harsh judgments.

24. Through anger one sires foolish children.

25. Through anger, one's lifespan is shortened.

26. It is conducive to (dispelling or preventing) anger, that you lower the haughty.

27. When you don't have anger, through this you will be able, with your gaze, to humble the arrogant.

28. One who has a bad temper, it is certain that he loves honor, and even all the commandments (good deeds) he does, he only does for honor.

29. One who is angry at an honorable pauper, it is as if he taunted G-d.

30. Also, he becomes mute.

31. And becomes a leper.

32. One who breaks the vice of anger will merit a good name.

33. Sometimes anger comes through (bearing) a heavy burden.

34. Through anger comes depression.

35. Anger comes through hisbodidus (seclusion) not carried out appropriately.

36. Through choler, there is no peace.

37. Through eating, anger departs.

38. Guard yourself from anger on a day in which you had a salvation.

  1. Through (giving) charity, anger is annulled.

  1. Through anger, a woman has difficulty in childbirth (or having children).

41. Anger frightens a person.

42. Anger damages eyesight.

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