Monday, September 24, 2012

Children - BOOK TWO


1. One who suffers in the raising of his children (this includes having children), should read the Biblical passages describing the Creation, everyday. Also, through this reading, one is saved from the accusations of being a thief.

2. A segulah for having children is humbling oneself.
3. Planting a vineyard is damaging to the growth of fetuses.

4. Endeavoring to free captives is a segulah for giving birth.

5. The saying of the ma'amadot is helpful for [having] children.

6. A woman whose children die from the disease called samkah—that is, zedushin— should wash them in oil, and then burn this oil afterwards while performing a ritual immersion.

7. One against whom many arise to challenge him on account of his faith; and he stands up against them and makes well-received counter-claims, through this he will merit having many children, and the world will be filled with his seed.
8. The letter hey (fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet) made out of silver, is a segulah for propagation.

9. Sometimes the construction of the house prevents a woman from birthing, as when the beams are not placed according to their order from the Six Days of Creation. In such a case, the house is as if it were destroyed, even though it is standing. This destruction comes and harms the woman, and she does not give birth.

10. One must look for a mohel who is righteous and G-d fearing. For when the mohel is not fitting, it can happen that the child, [when he is grown,] will not be able to have children (lit. cause birth). Also, when the mohel is not fitting, the child can, G-d forbid, come to suffer from "falling disease" (often translated as epilepsy).

11. [A deceased person] who has a son involved in studying the Torah, is as if he never died.

12. The milk of a righteous woman is good for a child’s (lit. baby’s) fear of Heaven, and also gives him dominion over this world.

13. Death of one's children, G-d forbid, comes through causing one's friend to fall away from his faith.

14. When there is peace in a country's government, the Jews give birth to master teachers.

15. One who guards himself in, as well as the season and time of, sexual relations, that they are balanced—that is to say, that neither he nor the season is too hot or too cold—through this, the children born to him will be great sages.

16. One who has control over his desires causes that his children will not be drawn to evil ways, that his money is blessed, and that he will not be put to a test.

17. Even a woman who is righteous, but not of respected lineage, will have unworthy children.
18. In a time of abundant grain in the world, it is a sign that males will be born. In a time of abundant wine, it is a sign for the birth of females.

19. One who does not have a son should accustom himself to bring gifts to Torah scholars, and say the section of Torah verses about the first-fruit offering. Also, he should increase his study of Talmud, and minimize his study of Aggadah, for studying Aggadah is a segulah for having girls.

20. By learning the codes of Jewish law until one is able to render halachic decisions, one causes a number of barren women to conceive.
21. Sometimes, through being held in prison, one is saved from being barren of children.

22. Through charity one merits to have children.

23. A segulah for a woman who is having difficulty giving birth is to hang the keys to the cemetery from her neck. This is also a segulah for becoming pregnant.

24. Children die, G-d forbid, by seeing a seminal emission.

25. There are trees which, when their wood is used to make one's bed, hinder birth and raising children. Conversely, there are trees which promote birth and raising children.

26. One who has had children die at a young age should have his [living] child’s mother make a coat that he should wear always, until he matures.

27. When the Jews are fruitful and multiply, the non-Jewish nations make new harsh decrees upon us.

28. Self-mortification is helpful for giving birth.

29. Thorns are fortuitous for giving birth.

30. Someone who is born circumcised, it is certain that his imagination is good and pleasant.

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